Do you ever feel like your life is just about school, home and homework? We have a lot of stress in our lives as teens growing up in this day and age and we need a place where we can meet, have fun and unwind. Lots of times it feels like there is no good place for us to hang out. Walking through the mall gets old.  You can only eat so much ice cream.  And, there comes a point where the roller skating rink is just a thing of the past.  If you are looking for a place where you can go to just be  yourself, hang out with your friends and meet some new people, then it would be smart to check out our youth group.

What Do We Do?

Our group does a variety of activities including:

  • Fun questions of the day
  • Games
  • Parties
  • Group check ins
  • Service projects and trips
  • Discussions
  • An awesome ski trip once a year
  • Quiet contemplative and spiritual time

When Do We Meet?

Our youth group, at Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, provides teens a place to hang out and enjoy life. We meet on most Wednesday nights during the school year from 6:30-8 p.m. Most importantly, we know that it can be kind of weird going to a new place on your own.  No worries. We welcome everyone and encourage people to bring their friends. The more the merrier.

Contact Our Twin Cities Youth Group

If you are looking for a group of people who will accept you just as you are, look no further. We welcome everyone and encourage you to bring friends. To learn more contact us online or by calling 570-269-9688.